Participating in surveys, how does it work?

Answering a survey from time to time will enable you to earn some money on the side whenever it suits you. But how does it actually work and how can you join in?

The majority of large companies are interested in your opinion to create new products and services or improve their current products. Your opinion and the opinion of other consumers matters so much that it could very well make the difference between failure or success or products. This is why these companies gladly pay to get your opinion.

Large companies use research firms to prepare and conduct their surveys. These research firms all have consumer panels, in which consumers like you participate. SurveySwine makes it easy to participate in several of these panels.

What is a panel?

A panel consists of a number of people willing to share their opinions. The members of a given panel provide some personal information and share their opinions on products. Research firms have their own panels, people participating in these panels receive invitations to participate in surveys. On every occasion, a panel member gets paid for his or her participation.

How do I join a panel?

Interesting in joining a panel? This is where SurveySwine comes in! Through SurveySwine you’re able to register for all available panels with one simple signup. Just leave your email address, choose your panels and start earning!